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Who Suffers Much is a dramatic and suspenseful romance novel (romantica) about the struggles of a young woman trying to find a place to belong after suffering immense loss and growing up without the closeness of family or the guidance of her parents. Natalie is an intensely talented and multifaceted young woman whose potential goes largely untapped as she bends herself for acceptance and lends her existence to those around her. The focus is primarily on Natalie’s background and growth. However, through third person omniscient point of view, the narration also provides the reader with the perspective of her husband, Rashad.

The two are seemingly perfect together in a world where opposites attract – the nerdy wordsmith with a deep, troubled mind and subtle sex appeal and the college basketball star with skeletons in his closet and a need to be craved – but the illusion of perfection is short-lived. When Rashad is blindsided by his plans for the future being completely destroyed, he's faced with the sobering reality that he isn't prepared to fulfill the commitment he made to his fiancé. Despite his uncertainty, Natalie's strong and patient spirit helps him recover from a dark place and they move on with their life together.

From the outside looking in it seems they've got it all figured out, but all of that is threatened when his trail of infidelities brings everything crashing down all over again after Natalie discovers he's been living a double life. Subsequent tragedy forces them both into taking a hard look at what they've done to themselves – and one another – to consider whether what they had was worth fighting to restore. Natalie’s journey to find herself through her pain and connect with a deeper purpose is complicated by the distraction of her marriage due to the emotional tug-of-war between her heart believing love can conquer all and her mind knowing there is far too much history between them.